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Know the car business?

Get to know the rental car business.

A great majority of our franchise partners came to U-Save with an affinity for cars or experience in the automobile industry. At the very least, you’re reading this because you’re interested in the idea of building a strong rental &/or retail business with cars. If that’s what you want to do—U-Save is the perfect business partner for you. Many of our franchise partners have successfully turned their love of people & cars into a successfully branded business with future value.

At U-Save, we’re serious about your franchise being...yours. Corporate owns the U-Save brand and support infrastructure, but everything else about the business belongs to you—to operate as you see fit.

As a franchise partner, you have the flexibility to operate your franchise your way. You can choose your location, build or lease your own storefront, and manage your fleet and operations to meet your specific goals. You can operate your franchise as a standalone business, or use it as an add-on to an existing or future auto-related business. You can operate with near complete autonomy, or work closely with your team at Corporate to help guide you.

Whatever you choose to do—however you choose to do it—U-Save helps you unlock The Power of U with the tools, resources and expertise you need to be successful