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Franchise Opportunities - International Franchise Opportunities - USA

Unleash your Potential in the Thriving American Car Rental Industry With U-Save

Are you ready to embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey in the booming USA car rental industry? Look no further than U-Save! As the unrivaled car rental franchise system in America, we offer a game-changing business model that will deliver your success. Whether you're a seasoned car rental entrepreneur or venturing into the franchise world for the first time, our proven system will propel your profits to unprecedented heights.

With U all the way2
With all the way

Unparalleled Industry Expertise

Established here in the United States with our very first location opening in North Carolina in 1979, we truly have decades of experience within car rental franchising, and as such are able to guide you through every twist and turn of this dynamic market. We have perfected a winning formula that ensures your franchise will flourish in any location across the vast American landscape.

Driving U FLEET

Fleet acquisition support

Over the years U-Save has developed strong relationships with the world’s most renowned OEMs and fleet funders. As a U-Save franchise you will receive assistance and expert advice in relation to fleet acquisition, funding and management. In the US we work with brands such as Stellantis including Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Chrysler along with Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and General Motors.

We also provide through our partners assistance on reselling rental vehicles on defleet.

Empowering U TECH

Cutting-Edge Technology

Stay leaps and bounds ahead of the competition with our state-of-the-art and industry leading reservations, fleet management and pricing systems. Our user-friendly online platform empowers franchisees to fully integrate with real time pricing and yield management systems, enabling them to maximize utilization and profits.

Connecting U2

Connecting you to the largest industry marketplace

By being a U-Save Franchise, you will have access to over 50 Online Travel Agencies, brokers and aggregators, enabling you to tap into an immense and ever-growing customer base from all over the world.


Comprehensive Training

As one of the most well-established car rental brands in the world, we are able to deliver an unmatched level of expertise and support. Our comprehensive training program equips you and your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to run a successful car and truck rental franchise. From operations management to marketing strategies, we leave no stone unturned in supporting your success.

Supporting U2

Unwavering Ongoing Support

We are unwaveringly committed to your long-term success. By linking our experience with “The Power of U”, i.e. – the entrepreneurial drive of our franchise partners – we have been able to build a brand that is truly unique in the industry. Our dedicated support team will accompany you every step of the way, providing ongoing guidance, unmatched marketing support, and access to our extensive network of industry professionals.

Marketing U

Local and national advertising support

Benefit from our dazzling local and national advertising campaigns that thrust the U-Save Car Rentals brand into the hearts and minds of Americans nationwide. By harnessing the power of our comprehensive marketing efforts, your franchise location will magnetize a steady stream of eager customers.

Success for U
Success for

Proven Business Model

Our battle-tested business model has been meticulously refined over the years to maximize profitability while minimizing risk. Trust in our expertise and experience to guide you on an unstoppable journey toward financial success.

Ignite your Success with U-Save Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a key player in the resplendent American car rental industry. At U-Save, we present a turnkey franchise solution that allows you to hit the ground running. Seize the moment and leverage our unmatched track record, exceptional support, and tantalizing profit potential. Contact us today to embark on your exhilarating journey as a proud U-Save franchisee and secure your slice of the American dream!

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