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Strategic Expansion: U-Save Extend Reach

U-Save has forged a strategic partnership, set to reshape the travel and rental services landscape. The announcement was made during the World Travel Market (WTM), signifying a noteworthy step forward.

U-Save: Enhancing the Jamaican Experience

U-Save proudly introduces its latest affiliate location in the captivating Caribbean destination, Jamaica. Guided by the local entrepreneurship of Ferone Bryan, this expansion holds strategic importance. The anticipated launch in December 2022 aims to enrich transportation options within the Jamaican market.

Green Motion International Group: Strengthening Brand Presence

Richard Lowden, CEO of Green Motion International and President of U-Save, views this affiliate collaboration as a significant move following the brand's acquisition. The timing of the announcement alongside the World Travel Market highlights the substantial interest in both brands. Lowden extends a warm welcome to Ferone and his adept team, showcasing a shared commitment to elevate the U-Save brand's standing within Jamaica's distinct marketplace.

U-Save's Vision: A Practical Approach

Jason Brown, U-Save's Director of Business Development, extends a cordial welcome to Mr. Bryan as they embark on this significant initiative. Together, they aim to redefine Jamaica's rental landscape by providing accessible and budget-conscious transportation solutions. This partnership is marked by innovation and collaboration, setting a promising course for the journey ahead.

An Important Locale: Facilitating Efficiency

Central to this announcement is the prestigious address of 78 ¾ Hagley Park Road, Kinston 10 Mystix Plaza, St. Andrew, Jamaica. Beyond being a mere rental outlet, this locale serves as a hub for convenience, fiscal prudence, and dependable services, all underpinned by cutting-edge technology.

A Shift in Perspective: Evolving Travel Services

U-Save's expansion marks a significant milestone, signaling a commitment to providing travelers with reliable and efficient transportation solutions. The collaboration between U-Save's industry expertise and Ferone Bryan's innovative vision promises to redefine travel experiences in Jamaica, benefiting both visitors and locals.

Looking Ahead: A Promising FutureLooking Ahead: A Promising Future

As U-Save aligns its vision with Jamaica's diverse landscape, a new chapter emerges, brimming with potential. The partnership between U-Save and Green Motion International, led by Richard Lowden, offers a future where travel knows no bounds, providing accessible options throughout Jamaica. The path less traveled transforms into a well-frequented avenue, inspiring optimism and fostering new opportunities for all stakeholders.