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Green Motion Expands its Fleet: Acquires U-Save

Green Motion, a prominent player in the car rental industry, has made a major move to fortify its position by acquiring U-Save. This strategic acquisition is set to bring about notable changes in the competitive landscape of the car rental market. With a focus on providing eco-friendly options and a wide range of vehicles, Green Motion's expansion marks an exciting development for both companies and their customers.

Greener Pastures Ahead

Green Motion has long been recognized as a pioneer in promoting sustainable transportation options. The company's commitment to sustainability and providing environmentally friendly vehicle choices aligns perfectly with the increasing demand for greener alternatives. The acquisition of U-Save is anticipated to further amplify Green Motion's offerings, as it gains access to U-Save's fleet and customer base.

Meeting Diverse Needs

This acquisition brings together the strengths of both companies. Green Motion, known for its environmentally responsible processes and hybrid vehicle options, has consistently catered to the eco-conscious consumer segment. On the other hand, U-Save has built a reputation for offering a wide variety of vehicles, including trucks and SUVs, to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

"We are excited by the long-term opportunities for diversification and innovation this acquisition brings," said Richard Lowden, founder and CEO of Green Motion. "With a broader fleet of vehicles of all sizes and an expanded portfolio of services, this acquisition ties in with our global vision to enhance our ability to meet the unique mobility needs of our customers and continue to provide a world-class franchise system to our highly-valued partners."

“The acquisition is a powerful strategy to expand U-Save’s brand position in a growing industry and provides important capabilities to our franchisees and customers,” added Tom McDonnell, former CEO of U-Save. “We are very pleased this historic transaction was completed; the next step is executing a seamless transition.”

A Boost for Customers

Customers of both companies can expect a seamless transition during and after the acquisition. The increased access to vehicles in various categories is poised to offer more choices to renters, whether they need a compact car for a quick urban trip or a spacious truck for a weekend adventure.

One of the major perks of this acquisition for customers is the potential for expanded geographical coverage. With Green Motion's established presence in certain regions and U-Save's stronghold in others, the combined forces could translate to more convenient pickup and drop-off locations for renters across the nation.

Job Opportunities and Industry Impact

As with any acquisition, there are broader economic implications. The expansion could lead to an increase in job opportunities within both companies, from rental agents to administrative positions. This growth has the potential to contribute positively to local economies, providing stability and growth in the job market.

From a broader industry perspective, this acquisition could set a precedent for other rental companies to explore innovative collaborations and acquisitions to diversify their services and maintain their competitive edge.

Smooth Road Ahead

Integration is a key aspect of any acquisition, and both Green Motion and U-Save are keen to ensure a smooth transition. Customers can continue to expect the same level of service and commitment to quality that they have come to associate with the two brands.


Green Motion's acquisition of U-Save ushers in a new era for both companies and the car rental industry as a whole. With an emphasis on sustainability and an incredible vehicle fleet, customers stand to benefit from a broader range of options and enhanced convenience. As the integration progresses, the spotlight remains on providing excellent service while contributing to a greener future for transportation.