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Salzburg Airport (SZG)

U-Save Car Rental is the perfect choice if you wish to experience the mesmerizing allure of Salzburg, Austria, while remaining within your financial means. We provide a fleet of well-maintained vehicles that are ideal for self-guided exploration of this endearing city and its picturesque environs. U-Save Car Rental offers the opportunity to explore the birthplace of Mozart, behold the magnificent Hohensalzburg Fortress, and traverse the picturesque Austrian Alps, all while benefiting from its convenient and cost-effective services. We provide a variety of rental options, competitive pricing, and superior customer service in order to ensure that your time in Salzburg is as enjoyable as feasible. Why then wait? Select U-Save Car Rental and commence an expedition that harmoniously combines the awe-inspiring natural splendor of Salzburg with its abundant cultural legacy.

Tips for renting at Salzburg Airport (SZG)

Before you rent:

Make an informed choice. We believe in providing you with options to choose the right car for your needs with complete price transparency. At U-Save, we prioritize your peace of mind, which means rental insurance with us is not overly complicated and you are assured you are properly insured.

When you collect your Vehicle:

Think ahead. It's a good idea to map out your trip in advance, especially if you're returning the rental car to an unfamiliar location or airport. Check your confirmation email to make sure you know where to meet your agent or where the rental desk, and save the contact details to your phone for quick access.

Create the necessary documents. While we strive to make the check-in process as simple as possible, some information is required by law. Having your reservation information, driver's license, passport and credit card ready in advance can speed up your reservation process. If you choose to self-insure, make sure that you have verifiable proof of full coverage insurance at the time of rental pickup. If you are a local renter, make sure that you have all the information required by the location to confirm your ID and address.

Conduct a car inspection. Perform a detailed walk around inspection as soon as the vehicle is received to note any existing damage on the rental agreement. The five damage hotspots that we've discovered deserve special attention. You are shielded from responsibility when you return the vehicle by disclosing any existing damage prior to leaving the location.

While you rent:

Take care. Please be advised that depending on the rental coverage you chose, you could be responsible for any damage that occurs during the rental period. Take measures to reduce the possibility of collisions leading to dings and scratches, especially in congested parking areas.

When you return your vehicle:

Complete one more vehicle inspection. Conduct a second inspection during the return procedure, and no matter how little it may look, carefully record any damage. This approach enables us to handle your refund quickly while making sure you are completely insured. The five damage hotspots should receive special attention, just as they did during the initial assessment.

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Drive on the right side of the road

Euro is the local currency

Average temperatures are -35°F (2°C) - 90°F (32°C)